Introducing FlytBase - Drone Autonomy Platform Designed For Enterprises.

Meet FlytBase

FlytBase is an enterprise-grade drone autonomy platform that fully automates aerial data collection workflows. Users can conduct scheduled and repeatable BVLOS drone flights using docking stations from their command centers with little to no human intervention. FlytBase allows users to remotely control and manage a hybrid and geographically distributed fleet of drones and docks from anywhere in the world.


This guide will help the operator set up and get the most out of the FlytBase account. The following list outlines each section of the guide so that the operator can easily find their way around:

  • Supported Hardware

    • FlytBase supports a variety of DJI drones, docking stations and third-party accessories

  • Fleet Management

    • Steps to add drone and docking station to the dashboard.

  • Features

    • A single dashboard for providing multiple advanced features for drone autonomy.

      • Operation

        • Easy add, manage and monitor multiple drones and their docking stations simultaneously.

      • Planning

        • Advance mission planning and scheduling.

      • Logs

        • Flight logs, telemetry data and media, helping operators in analyzing and troubleshooting missions.

      • Zones

        • Fly or no-fly zones on the map with customized shapes, that are drone specific and can be used to help ensure the safety and efficiency of drone operations.

      • Settings

        • Robust settings management, enabling operators to customize various drone settings to meet specific needs.

  • Flight Operations

    • A checklist for ensuring a smooth streamlined flight for the operator.

  • Add-Ons

    • The custom add-ons that the operator can add to their dashboard according to their requirements.

  • Managing your Account

    • To manage payments and subscriptions with FlytBase.

  • Doubts

    • Frequently Asked Questions & DJI troubleshooting solutions

Let’s get started!

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