Docking Station & Compatible Drones

Discover docking stations and drones that are compatible with FlytBase.

Docking stations are physical enclosures built for housing a drone. The station enables the drone to take off and land autonomously as well as charges or swaps the batteries of the drone to enable high frequency of flights without any human intervention.

FlytBase is compatible with a variety of docking stations and offers seamless integration due to its Drone Dock Operating System.

Drone & Docking Stations — Powered by FlytBase:

Navigate to the respective section to view the setup instructions unique to that docking station.

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DJI has deprecated updates for the v4 Mobile SDK (MSDK) supported by Smart RC (with an auxiliary Android device). Due to this, FlytBase recommends you to switch to RC Plus hardware which operates on v5 MSDK and also includes better hardware which results in performance updates. Note:- FlytBase supports v4 MSDK as well as v5 MSDK although to ensure optimal performance and future updates, we recommend you to migrate to RC Plus.

If you are interested in custom development, please email us at

After the docking station hardware is set up navigate to DiaB Setup Section to configure the DS and drone on the FlytBase dashboard.

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