Hextronics Global Advanced

The operator should complete all the steps of the setup to ensure that the docking station works as intended.

Unboxing and Hardware Setup

  • Unpack and carefully place the Hextronics Global Advanced docking station on a flat surface. Set the accessories box aside.

  • Use the keys received in the package to unlock the top panel and open it.

  • Cut the 5 constraining zip ties and remove the 2 foam separators from the following parts of the station:

    • 1 foam separator and 1 zip tie on the battery gripper.

    • 1 foam separator and 2 zip ties in the centre.

    • 2 zip ties on the left and right side.

Please do not proceed without removing all the zip ties and foam separators.

  • To connect the station to the internet, the operator should insert the Ethernet cable (found in the accessories box) into the Ethernet port of the docking station.

  • Attach the two antennas found within the accessories box to the antenna mounts by hand on top of the station.

  • Plug one end of the yellow power cord into the station & the other end into a wall socket and wait 2-3 minutes for the system to boot up.

Hextronics Control Panel Login & Station Calibration

  • Open the Hextronics Control Panel login page by:

    • Mobile Device: Scanning the QR code under the roof panel OR

    • Desktop PC: Entering the Hex-Name URL & password on your web browser (Found in the accessories box, Welcome email, or on the QR sticker)

The unique URL (a website link) and password are shared by Hextronics.

  • On the Control Panel, click openbox to open the station's tray.

  • Attach the DJI propeller guards, Hextronics propeller guides and battery to the drone. Place the drone on the tray with the gimbal facing away from the station interior.

Do not attach any propellers to the drone at this stage of the setup.

  • Click closebox to close the tray.

  • Now place up to five Mavic 2 batteries into the battery slots of the station and click swap battery on the Hextronics Control Panel to perform the first battery swap.

  • Once the first swap is successful, proceed with setting up the devices on FlytBase.

In case of any hardware issues during battery swap or other operations, please contact support@hextronics.tech

After the Docking station hardware is setup navigate to DiaB Setup Section to configure the DS and Drone on the FlytBase dashboard.

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