DiaB Setup

Once the hardware setup of the docking station is done, then using this guide complete the Drone-in-a-Box setup on FlytBase.

Once the docking station has been set up, the next step is to configure it with the FlytBase dashboard, which involves connecting the docking station and adding/connecting a drone to the dashboard.

Device Setup on FlytBase

  • Open the FlytBase web app on the PC to create a FlytBase account. If the operator already has an account, login with the registered email ID.

After login, if the account is still in trial, please contact support: support@flytbase.com

  • Restart the station before proceeding ahead to ensure optimal performance.

  • Now click on Setup DiaB on the bottom-left of the Add Device window.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to register the docking station and drone on FlytBase using the provided Unique Device Code (UDC).

The UDC is required for setting up the operator's DiaB system which is provided by the respective Docking Station provider.

  • After the setup is complete, the operator has to link the drone to the docking station.

Navigate to the following section to link the drone with the respective docking station and complete the DiaB setup on FlytBase.

pageDocking Station

To remotely add, manage, and operate a docking station, the operator can navigate to the following section.

pageDocking Station

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