A guide for the operator to plan customized linear path for drone to fly in.

The Corridor is designed for conducting linear missions along a restricted path such as pipelines, roads, and railway tracks, restricting the drone from breaching the corridor. With FlytBase, an operator simply inputs the location on the dashboard and the drone automatically follows the assigned corridor path to reach the desired location. This feature simplifies and streamlines the process of surveying and inspecting linear assets, increasing the safety and efficiency of operations.

Creating a Corridor

There are two ways to set up the corridor on the FlytBase dashboard:

  1. Creating a Corridor on the dashboard.

  2. Importing a KML/KMZ file as Corridor.

To create a Corridor on the dashboard

  • Navigate to Zones and select the corridor.

  • Write the Name for the corridor mission then, right-click on the map where the operator wants to mark the first location and repeat this process to create a corridor zone.

  • Then Adjust the Corridor width of the corridor (between 10m-500m) according to preference.

  • When the operator allows Follow corridor for RTDS & RTSL actions the drone will go through to corridor only to perform RTDS & RTSL.

Execute a Corridor

To execute the mission the operator has to navigate to the Operations drawer and go to Drones.

  • Select the drone and click on the arrow next to it.

  • Click on Launch to location.

  • Select Zone Launch, by this the operator can the drone to the location through the corridor.

  • Right-click on the map to select the position for the drone to go with customized speed, altitude, and in-flight action for that flight.

    1. Approach Speed: This setting determines the speed at which the drone will travel towards the target location. It can be adjusted between 1m/s to 30m/s.

    2. Approach Altitude: This setting determines the altitude at which the drone will approach the target location. It can be adjusted between 1m to 60m.

    3. +Add en-route action: With this feature, the operator can program the drone to perform certain actions while en-route to the target location. Available actions include:

      • Aircraft yaw wrt flight path

      • Capture image on distance interval

      • Capture image on time interval

      • Capture image

      • Start video recording

      • Gimbal pitch

      • Hover

By adjusting these settings and en-route actions, the operator can ensure that their drone approaches the target location at the desired speed and altitude while performing the necessary actions.

  • In the on-arrival settings, select an action to be performed when the drone arrives at the designated location:

    • Gimbal pitch

    • Capture image

    • Play speaker recording

  • Once the desired on-arrival action has been selected, click on the "Launch" button to initiate the mission.

The final action is set to hover in the FlytBase dashboard.

Corridors serve as an efficient solution for conducting inspections in hard-to-access areas, such as power lines, highways, and pipelines. By utilizing drones, operators can efficiently survey specific areas and gather critical information.

If you do not have this feature on your dashboard, that means it is not in your current package, please feel free to contact if you find this feature useful and would like to add it.

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