Launch To Location/Go to location

A guide for automating Incident Response by launching the drone to a Specific Location.

The goal here is to mark a GPS location on the FlytBase dashboard and have the drone fly to that location and hover until manual flight control is regained.

FlytBase Live users can ignore the docking station prerequisites and use the same instructions to fly the drone to a specific location for flight operations without a docking station.

  • Ensure that the Docking station and drone are online and are linked with each other and that the flight path is clear of potential obstacles.

  • The entire process of launching a drone nested inside the docking station takes about a minute to set up.

  • Once the drone has been added and is online on the FlytBase dashboard. Select the drone and click on the arrow next to it.

  • Click on Launch to location.

  • Right-click at the desired location point on the map. This will drop a pin at the selected location and open the Launch to location section with an option to configure the following mission parameters. Ensure that they are configured as per the geographical location to avoid potential obstacles in the mission path.

    • Latitude and Longitude values of the specific location.

    • Launch To Location Action: The action allows the operator to execute pre-defined automatic actions at the marked Latitude and longitude values.

    • Drone altitude: This is the relative altitude between the aircraft and the takeoff point. The drone takes off from the take-off position and flies to the set mission altitude to reach the marked location.

    • Drone speed: This is the flight speed when flying toward the marked location.

  • Click on Send to launch the drone to the specified location.

Behaviour of the drone when Launched to a Location

  • The drone will ascend to the set altitude and then fly straight to the marked GPS coordinates at the set speed.

  • "Altitude" considered is in relation to the takeoff point. While the drone is in flight to the marked location, it can be paused anytime using the Pause button on the FlytBase Dashboard.

  • For operational efficiency, docking station users are advised that the Prime Routine be executed prior to Launching the Drone to the marked location. The Prime Routine will power on the drone, and RC and perform the necessary actions required to prepare the drone for a quicker launch. The Routine can be executed from the Docking Station Utility window, as well as from the main dashboard screen, next to the mission launch icon. Once the Prime routine has been executed and the user launches a mission from the dashboard, the docking station enclosure immediately opens with the drone ready to execute the intended action. This enables the user to minimize uptime and respond to incidents more quickly.

How it works:

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