A guide to assist the remote operators to play instant or uploaded audio from the FlytBase dashboard.


FlytBase enables remote operators to playback instant audio or upload a local audio file and play it during a flight on the Speaker mounted on the Mavic Enterprise series drones.

The operator can also control the volume levels of the M2E Speaker using the FlytBase Dashboard. When the Speaker is mounted on the Mavic 2 Enterprise, the Dashboard will automatically detect the connection.

Please ensure that the operator's FlytBase account has private cloud storage configured in order to use this feature.

Refer to this section to configure private cloud storage for their FlytBase account.


To get started, mount the speaker on the Mavic 2 Enterprise drone.

  1. First, remove the extended port cover on the top of the aircraft and store it in a safe place for future use.

  2. Next, mount the Speaker onto the extended slot on the aircraft.

  3. Tighten the knobs on both sides of the Speaker to secure it firmly onto the aircraft.

  4. Finally, turn on the drone.

Once the speaker has been mounted and the drone is online on the FlytBase dashboard, a speaker icon will be activated in the payload control tray.

How it works:

An operator can record instant audio and play it on the speaker during an ongoing flight or choose an uploaded file.

Recording or uploading an audio file:

  • the Navigate to speaker menu in settings.

Ensure that the operator selects the correct drone in the top-left drop-down list in settings for recording or uploading an audio file.

  • To record an audio file, click on the red microphone icon.

  • To upload an audio file, click on the 'upload audio' button.

Supported audio formats are .wav, .mp3, and .ogg and the audio file must not be more than 20 seconds.

  • Once, the audio file has been recorded or uploaded, it is listed in the playback section in the Speaker menu.

  • Up to 20 recordings can be saved on the dashboard.

It is recommended that the operator plays the audio after it has been uploaded as the time taken for the audio to be transmitted is applicable when the audio is played for the first time.

In this manner, delays can be avoided while playing an audio file during crisis situations.

Playing audio during flight:

  • An operator can play the uploaded or recorded audio file using the payload control tray on the dashboard.

  • The volume of the speaker can be adjusted using the volume control buttons.

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