A guide for adding, configuring, and managing the drones.

For FlytBase Auto users, the drone will be added to the FlytBase dashboard after successful registration of the docking station through the Setup DiaB section in the Add Device menu.

While manually registering the docking station, the operator must add the device to the dashboard using the steps mentioned below once the drone has been registered on the edge device.

Adding a drone

Select the desired drone from the list and click add. The drone will then be added to the drones section on the dashboard.

Drones that are already linked with the account will be shown in that list.

If the drone is not listed, add it manually to the FlytBase Dashboard.

Manually adding the drones

To manually add a drone, the operator will require to provide the Vehicle ID of the drone and their Personal Access Token.

  • The vehicle ID of a drone can be obtained from the FlytBase account (my.flytbase.com). Here's a quick link to navigate.

  • Navigate to the Developer Settings tab in the FlytBase account and copy the Personal Access Token.

  • Click on Add Manually, on the FlytBase dashboard and enter any desired name for the drone. Use the previously obtained Vehicle ID and the Personal Access Token to add the drone to FlytBase Dashboard.

Drone telemetry

Now that the drone is added, the operator can view the live telemetry and video feed on the Dashboard. Also, they can control the drone remotely and execute missions.

In the Drones tab, click on the drone from the list. An operator can then access the live telemetry, video feed, connection status, and other drone vitals on the screen. To get detailed telemetry, expand the drone card.

The drone must have GPS-Locks in order to access the live location on the map.

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