Docking Station

A guide for adding, managing and operating the docking stations.

Managing the docking stations

  • Click on Add device and then select Docking Stations. An operator can then get an overview of the station's status and edit the name of the station as well.

Docking station utility

From the docking station utility window, an operator can:

  • Get an overview of the current health status of the docking station

  • Access weather data

  • Adjust the H.V.A.C temperature

  • Debug Controls


  • RC Power: Triggering this command will turn the drone RC (placed in the docking station) on/off.

  • Enclosure: Triggering this command will open/close the box enclosure

  • Drone Power: Triggering this command will turn the linked drone on/off.

  • Drone Service: Triggering this command will perform drone charging or drone battery swapping (depending on the box model).

  • Pre-take off: Triggering this command will

    • Power cycle the drone & its RC

    • Turn off the Drone Service

    • Open box enclosure and

    • Prepare the DiaB system for take-off.

  • Post-take off: Triggering this command will

    • Close box enclosure (if take-off is successful) or

    • Close the box enclosure, turn on Drone Service and turn off Drone Power & RC Power (if take-off is not successful)

  • Pre-land: Triggering this command will open the enclosure and prepare the box for drone landing.

  • Post-land: Triggering this command will

    • Initiate Drone Service, close box enclosure, and turn off Drone Power & RC Power (if the landing is successful) or

    • Close box enclosure (if the landing is not successful).

  • Prime Routine: The Prime Routine will power on the RC, and the Drone. The Routine can be executed from the Docking Station Utility window, as well as from the main dashboard screen, next to the mission launch icon.

Once the Prime routine has been executed and the user launches a mission from the dashboard, the docking station enclosure immediately opens with the drone ready to execute the intended action. This enables the user to minimize uptime and respond to incidents more quickly.

Prime routine is currently available with Hextronics and Heisha docking stations only.

To configure the setting to Auto Mode navigate to the Docking Station section in the settings.

An operator can also access the docking station controls from the drones section on the dashboard.

To access the video feed from the docking station's camera, click on the video icon and toggle the video feed.

To fly the first mission navigate to:

First Flight Setup

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