Guest Sharing

FlytBase offers the ability to seamlessly share the Live Video streams and drone telemetry of each drone with multiple people spread across various geographies, devices and networks.

The FlytBase Dashboard provides guests with access to only the drone's telemetry data, live video feeds, and a map displaying the drone's current location.

  • When the Share dialog opens up, click on Create new link to generate the secure share link.

  • This will open the following dialog box. Enter the recipient's email address. The operator can add multiple email addresses. Select the required views and drones to be shared and click on Send.

Note: Choose appropriate options for view and drone access when sharing these links.

  • Click on the share icon in the Cockpit view.

  • When the Share dialog opens up, click on the Manage new link to generate the secure share link.

  • In the Manage links dialog, the operator can view all the recipients with the drone feed access and Disable/Enable it whenever necessary.

  • The operator can also Edit and Delete the previously generated links.

For Guests to view Live Feed

This section is for viewers who would like to access the live video and map location of the drone(s). The guest will be required to share their email address with the drone operator to be given access to the live drone feed.

  • The viewer will receive an email with a link and a secure 4- digit PIN.

  • Enter the secure PIN and click on View Operation. The viewer can now securely access live drone feed and telemetry.

  • The Guest View window will show the following:

    • Basic telemetry which includes battery percentage, distance of the aircraft from its home location, current altitude, horizontal speed, vertical speed, the status of the drone and its location.

    • Live video feed from the drone's camera.

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