A guide to assist in configuring default drone settings as well as dashboard reading preferences.

FlytBase general settings are the basic configurations for the drone that the operator can set. These settings include preferences, default drone controls, advanced drone controls, and gimbal controls.

These general settings are default set by FlytBase but can be changed as per the operator's requirement.

  • Once the drone has been added and is online on the FlytBase dashboard, click on Settings from the right corner of the screen.

  • In Settings, select a drone from the drop-down box at the top left corner of the settings. Then select generals.

Configuring General Settings


  • Operators can customize their FlytBase dashboard by accessing selecting their preferred language, units of measurement, and map view to optimize their dashboard experience.

Default drone controls

  • The operator can use the Default drone controls to set the desired speed and altitude for the drone during flights.

Advanced drone controls

  • To change the speed and sensitivity of the controls for manual flights, navigate to Advanced drone controls under the general menu in settings.

Gimbal Controls

  • Gimbal controls allow the operator to adjust the pitch sensitivity and pan sensitivity, which determines the speed at which the gimbal will pitch and pan during a mission.

How it works:

General Settings provide the operator with the ability to customize their dashboard as well as drone settings allowing for a personalized experience during drone operations.

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